Do you catering for companies and delivery of hot meals?


Preparing meals for employees


You deliver meals


You want to automate your business?

Innovative and Simple Solution

  • easy tracking of all orders in one place with one click

  • efficient monitoring of warehouse status

  • trusted help in creating daily menu

  • precise help in creating the norms needed for food preparation

  • automated production of all necessary reports (warehouse status, meals made and delivered, groceries needed and consumed)

Modern, fast, efficient application


1. Employees log in with their credentials or with a QR code to a web application or mobile application

2. Place an order - (possibility of ordering for several days) possibility of canceling or changing the order within the prescribed period

3. Change of location of delivery (for companies that have several branches and workers who have been approved to change the location)


1. Restoran performs the issuance of groceries from the warehouse (quantities per meal and for the selected period)

2. Based on the order report, performs packaging and delivery of meals to companies


1. When delivering a meal, the worker pulls the QR code

2. The one who made the delivery or on the bar where the food is distributed by reading the QR code gets information about the order and records the delivery


1. The company receives reports on the complete orders of its employees

2. The restaurant has at its disposal daily, weekly and monthly reports on delivered meals, consumed groceries, stored meals, taken orders


1. Restaurant based on workers' orders has a report on the number of meals to be delivered in certain shifts

2. According to the pre-established schedule, the restaurant delivers meals to companies

Perfect app for ordering hot meals

Application functionality depends on the assigned role


Ability to add an unlimited number of foods needed to create dishes


Creating a dish, according to the norms required for its preparation


Creating menus for different days, as well as the possibility of choosing which menu will be visible to which company and in which shift


Restaurant has the ability to view reports related to meals, meals, groceries, packaging and collection


When delivering a meal, the QR code of the user is read, which reads his order and records the collection of the meal


Tracking the required quantities of groceries for the selected period


Restaurant has the ability to add an unlimited number of companies whose users will be able to use the application


Ability to change colors, logos and home images for users


Add images that can be added when creating a menu meal


Companies have the option of bulk orders, for multiple workers at once


View reports that include: an overview of all orders, meals, as well as records of which workers have placed an order


The company has the ability to add new workers, deactivate workers during the holidays and activate workers


Order a meal for several days in advance

Order Cancellation

Change Location

for employees of companies that have a larger number of branches

Order History

Edit Profile

Bulk Orders

Authorized users can order a larger number of meals (for the whole company)

Application users

Application of the application from the restaurant Groš

Among the more than 200 companies whose employees use the T-meal app are Galenika, Hemofarm, Kolektor and others

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